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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- Oskar Keysell is a fan of Chelsea football club whilst also having a keen interest in other sports such as Rugby and Cricket. Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez will be back to work this week, in preparation for the team’s at home match against Wigan. Defeating Wigan is now crucial if Chelsea is to have a chance at the Champion’s league, following their loss against Newcastle last weekend. The pressure is mounting for Benitez, as he has been warned that he must meet a minimum target for the season. Despite many supporters voicing concerns about the indifferent results, the owner of the club, Roman Abramovich, is still supporting Beneitez’s strategies. But, many believe his faith in the manager will disappear if Chelsea loses out on a top-four position, visit the Oskar Keysell blog to keep up to date with their current position.

For now however, it seems that Benitez is safe, with reports saying that he has been receiving messages of support from confidantes of Abramovich over the last couple of weeks, with most agreeing with the manager’s decision to admit to the strain which call ups and injuries have put on resources and the overall balance of the squad. At an ordinary club, under normal circumstances, Benitez would not be put under this much pressure. He was given a very short amount of time to work on the unbalanced squad; by most people’s standards, he has done well, and the team are now in with a definite chance of winning the Champions League.

However, the club owner’s somewhat unpredictable decision making has made the team far from ordinary. Benitez has continued to insist that performances and results just aren’t adding up, and for the time being at least, the club owner is sympathetic to this perspective. However, if the run continues, it’s unlikely that Abramovich will remain understanding. There are very few stand-in options – a point which some say might weigh in the favour of the manager. Let us know what you think on the Oskar Keysell on Twitter.

No-one can deny that the squad is currently under strain due to an intense training programme and the aforementioned unbalanced choice of players; but the fact remains that, whatever Benitez’s excuses might be, he and the team are in desperate need of a win in the upcoming match against Wigan. The loss against Newcastle FC, along with the draw at Reading and Brentford, means that Chelsea has only won a single match in the last six games. After the Wigan match, they will play both an away and a home match against Sparta Prague in the Europa League, and this will be followed by a Manchester City visit.

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Oskar Keysell is a fan of Chelsea football club whilst also having a keen interest in other sports such as Rugby and Cricket. Read more about the recent news of Chelsea.

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