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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown Notifies Homeowners How to Avoid Frozen Pipes This Holiday Season


Levittown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2016 -- The holidays are coming fast, but so is the colder weather. With temperatures dropping and heating bills rising, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown stresses the importance of making sure the pipes don't freeze in anyone's home this season. Instead of cutting corners, it is imperative to keep in mind the damages that frozen pipes bursting can cause to a home. Don't risk it; there are steps homeowners can take in order to preemptively avoid this unfortunate scenario.

In old homes built over an uninsulated crawlspace, it is a good idea to turn up the thermostat so as to increase the air temperature in that crawlspace. By doing this, it will project heat energy through the floor and into the space, keeping unprotected piping from the freezing effects of the dropping temperatures. When comparing the heating bill to the damages caused by burst piping, homeowners will learn that it is well worth it.

Also, installing fiberglass insulation or a foam board can highly benefit a home by keeping the heat in and the cold out. Attics, crawlspaces, or any other out-of-the-way areas that are not insulated can be susceptible to freezing. Don't chance it by installing fiberglass insulation over unprotected pipes or use foam boarding to act as a barrier that protects a home's piping from the frost.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown wants to make sure homeowners are prepared this winter. With burst pipes being such a large issue, they want to spread awareness and prevention this holiday season. Although it is not guaranteed that these tips will stop a home's pipes from freezing, they will ultimately lower their chances of freezing. Receive the gift of an eased mind with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown! Also providing heater repair in Bucks County and hot water repairs in Levittown, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown is the go-to for any homeowner's needs this winter.

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