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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown Uncovers Plumbing Myths


Levittown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2016 -- Do-it-at-home handymen and handywomen are often led astray by plumbing myths passed by word-of-mouth. Old wives tales and general misinformation can be handed down from generation to generation through families via "tips." However, these "tips" can be misleading, and often cause more harm than good. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown stresses that residents be wary of inaccurate "tips," and instead, call and confirm right away before taking action that can be detrimental. An even better mode of action would be to rely on one of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown's skilled plumbers in Bucks County, PA to take care of the task.

One such myth that can permanently damage appliances over time, is the belief that ice cubes can sharpen garbage disposal blades. While they can effectively clean all the grime and food waste off the blades, ice cubes will actually dull them. Because ice cubes are abrasive, they do not mix well with the sharp metal of the disposal, beating up the blades long-term. In fact, garbage disposals are supposed to last 10 years, wherein, when they wear out, they are simply supposed to be replaced.

While word-of-mouth can be an amazing thing, it can also be harmful to a homeowner's appliances, like their garbage disposals. By checking facts, all of that can be avoided and taken care of. If a garbage disposal is not working effectively, getting it checked by a professional can be helpful in determining if a new one is needed or if it is just in need of a cleaning. Take action by relying on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown's plumbing services in Bucks County to take care of any and all queries.

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