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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Announces Water Heater Installation for Summer 2014


Levittown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2014 -- Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA has announced water heater installation in Montgomery County for summer 2014. Hot water is always an important amenity in the home, even when the temperature rises in the summer. Now is the time to install, replace, or repair water heaters, and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides all these services in the Greater Philadelphia Area at affordable prices. Don’t wait till the dead of winter when the family is desperate for heat. Call the most trusted plumbers in Montgomery County for professional water heater installations.

Water heater replacement is a common household plumbing project, and many homeowners feel like they can save time and money by doing it themselves. However, such installations are more complex than they appear, and untrained individuals should never attempt to complete them on their own. To avoid the risk of hazards including scalding, carbon monoxide poisoning, and explosion, always take the time to enlist the assistance of experienced professional plumbers. Technicians from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can come to the home and make specific recommendations on replacement heaters. When they return to install the new unit, technicians arrive promptly and complete the replacement within the agreed upon timeframe. They will also remove the old unit so the client won’t have to dispose of it.

When calling Benjamin Franklin Plumbers for water heater installation in Newtown, homeowners should let them know what problems they’ve had with their current water, how long they’ve had their current water heater, and whether they would prefer gas, electric, or liquid propane units. Visit the Montgomery County plumbers online or call 267-202-0647 for more information.

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