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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Now Offering Water Conditioning Systems


Levittown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2013 -- Most people who have moved into a new home or to a new area have probably noticed the difference in water from one place to another. The composition of one’s tap water can vary greatly from township to township. In fact, the difference of a few blocks can equate to an entirely different quality of tap water. Thankfully, the professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA can help any homeowner or business owner in improving their water quality. For the last three decades, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA has been setting the standard for plumbing contractors. Now, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is raising the bar one more time, with water softening and conditioning systems.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has become an industry leader throughout the residential and commercial plumbing market. In fact, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA even earned a spot on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 List. Superior customer service, skilled professionals, knowledgeable staff, and outstanding guarantees are just a few of the reasons Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has gained such a strong reputation. Now, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is installing and servicing water conditioning systems. Of course, customers will get the same quality and service they have come to expect with their plumbing.

Often times, a property owner will be told they have “harsh” or “hard” water. Water conditioning systems offer a means to “soften” a water supply. There are certain tests to run, in order to assess the quality of one’s water. Hard water can lead to unwanted build-up on the inside of a property’s plumbing. Plus, residue can be left in the dishwasher or around sinks. Thankfully, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can install a water softening system to combat the unwanted affects of hard water.

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Established in 1984, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is one of the fastest growing plumbing franchises in the US. They value their customers and make their complete satisfaction their main priority. Located in Levittown, PA the company is dedicated to serving all residential and commercial customers’ plumbing issues.

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