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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Now Offering Water Treatment Services for Summer 2014


Levittown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA is now offering in-home water treatment plumbing services in Bucks County for summer 2014. Homeowners want to take the utmost precautions when it comes to the water their families use for drinking, showering, and eating. That’s why the Levittown plumbers install water softening and conditioning systems to reduce contaminants commonly found in tap water. Contact

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA today for quick and easy installation and maintenance.

Water softening and conditioning systems filter out dissolved minerals found in drinking water. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA offers units that filter excess iron, treat acidic water, and remove sulphur and bacteria. Buildup of any of these substances can be harmful to people and animals and it is important to have a professional take care of these problems.

If homeowners aren’t sure of the condition of their water, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA will come inspect their current systems and test water to see what improvements they can make. There won’t be any guesswork involved – technicians will provide each homeowner with recommendations on their next move. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can perform all necessary installations and repairs.

Many residents of Levittown and the rest of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA’s service area may not realize they can save money by softening their water. See the initial cost offset in no time when the water heater is consistently using less energy and appliances aren’t strained by harsh hard water.

For more information on in-home water treatment and plumbing services in Levittown visit Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA visit them online or call 267-202-0647.

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