Benjamin Hayward Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Raise $15,000 for His Upcoming Game 'Yo Yo Joe'

Yo Yo Joe is a survival horror tower defense game for Android, iOS, and Amazon mobile device.


Kingsland, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2014 -- It is all a mis-understanding. Joe was asleep when the manly-est bomb was dropped as a means to end all war. Instead it turned all the cows into zombies. The bomb turned his burrito to gold, which the cows want. Joe thinks the cows want to eat him. The cows want to ask Joe if they can have his Golden Burrito. "Excuse me sir, may we have your Golden Burrito?" The helicopter cannot rescue Joe because the cows are too close.

Benjamin Hayward and his team are following the success examples of Angry Birds and Candy Crush, but adding their own twist to the finger swiping. They are building something awesome, and want everyone involved. They are currently bringing $11k of own funds to this project. This will allow them to make the basic game. However, funding support is needed to make it awesome. These funds will allow them to add more maps, zombie cow types, more upgrades, and better graphics.

The initial funding goal for this campaign is $15,000. By raising $10000 past this initial goal, the project team can include additional languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Afrikaans, Russian, Arabic, German, and Hindi. An excess funding of $20000 above the goal will allow for additional music files for greater enjoyment, and more in game features. If the campaign receives $10,000 more, Benjamin Hayward will utilize them for upgraded graphics, animation, and additional marketing.

If for some reason this project does not finish, each backer will get copies delivered electronically of all the work completed. When this project is finished, backers will receive a copy of the software game delivered to their email address according to their contribution level.

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About Benjamin Hayward
Benjamin Hayward is a former US Marines, and currently an entrepreneur. His primary US company is Hayward Industry, LLC. They are registered as a US Government Contractor with a DUNS and CAGE code.