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Benjamin Moore & Co and Johnson Paints Participants Identified Across the Value Chain of the Global Photoluminescent Paints Market


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2018 -- Global Photoluminescent Paints Market: Introduction

Photoluminescent paints, also known as glow in the dark paints, contain a photo-luminescing powder that charges in the sunlight and can glow in the dark for up to eight hours. These paints are prepared as a combination of resins and pigments. Photoluminescent paints can be used for a range of applications such as on roads, highways, expressways, ducts and bridges. The most commonly used pigment type in photoluminescent paints is strontium aluminate or zinc sulfide. The particle size of the pigment also plays a crucial role in the duration of the glow. The larger the particle size, the longer the luminesce, as compared to smaller-sized particles. The basic mechanism of photoluminescent paints involves the emission of light in the dark through the energy stored from ultraviolet radiations. Photoluminescent paints are not dissolved with paints; the surface must be painted with white color first in order to obtain the finest results. They find widespread adoption in building construction and the transport industry.

Global Photoluminescent Paints Market: Dynamics

Photoluminescent Paints Market Drivers

One of the major factors driving the growth of the global photoluminescent paints market is the use of photoluminescent paints on the edges of roads to enable better visibility for drivers and thus, ensure driver safety. Photoluminescent paints are increasingly being used for warning and exit signals.

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The significant growth of construction and automotive industries is anticipated to boost the demand for photoluminescent paints, majorly in the developing countries of Asia Pacific. Apart from this, photoluminescent paints are also widely used for a range of applications such as subway systems, staircase safety and egress. Manufacturers have developed photoluminescent paints in such a way that they continue to glow even once the color fades.

Photoluminescent Paints Market Restraints

One of the major challenges faced by the global photoluminescent paints market is the failure of photoluminescent paints to perform efficiently in high moisture and rainy conditions. In some situations, drivers need to turn off the headlights to see the glow in the dark lines, which might increase the chances of accidents.

Another major factor hindering the growth of the photoluminescent paints market is the high cost of these paints as compared to the other lighting options.

Photoluminescent Paints Market Trends

Manufacturers have developed photoluminescent paints for different types of surfaces such as wood, metal, drywall and plastic. These photoluminescent paints are made with added corrosion protection and improved adhesion.

With rising concerns regarding environmental protection, there has been an increase in the usage of water-based paints to reduce the emission of harmful volatile organic compounds. Water is being used instead of solvents to meet the stringent low VOC requirements. Manufacturers are also focusing on enhancing the efficiency of these photon emitting crystals without the emission of toxic or radioactive substances.

Manufacturers are also focusing on the usage of water-proof pigments in photoluminescent paints to ensure that they do not lose their glow in water or water-based formulations. Photoluminescent paints are also being formulated for use with epoxies, urethanes, vinyl and other types of coats.

Global Photoluminescent Paints Market Segmentation

The global photoluminescent paints market can be segmented on the basis of technology, sales channel and region.

On the basis of technology, the global photoluminescent paints market can be segmented as:

Building and construction
Industrial and Infrastructural

On the basis of grade, the global photoluminescent paints market can be segmented as:

Coarse powder (above 25 µm)
Fine Powder (3-5 µm)
Ground Fine Powder (1-3 µm)

Global Photoluminescent Paints Market: Regional Outlook

From a regional perspective, Asia Pacific is anticipated to hold a relatively larger share in the global photoluminescent paints market. This can be attributed to the significant growth of the automotive industry. Noteworthy investments for infrastructural development have been observed in countries such as India, which is anticipated to further boost the demand for photoluminescent paints. North America and Europe are anticipated to witness moderate growth in the global photoluminescent paints market, owing to the stringent regulations regarding the emission of harmful VOCs. Regions such as Latin America and Middle East and Africa are anticipated to be low volume – high growth regions and are projected to witness significant growth rates over the forecast period with increasing investments across various end-use sectors.

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Global Photoluminescent Paints Market Participants

Some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the global photoluminescent paints market are:

Benjamin Moore & Co
Johnson Paints
Indra Glowtech Private Limited
Rust-Oleum Corporation
Allureglow USA
Glow Inc.
Protech Powder Coating
GloNation LLC
CS Coatings, Inc.
Jann's Netcraft
The Glow Company
Jolin Corporation