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They say diamonds are a girls' best friend. Whether or not this may be true, one cannot deny that jewellery is one of the guilty pleasures of many people, women and men alike.


Delfi Orchard, Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/28/2014 -- Some people consider them to be investments; some types of jewellery do not depreciate in value, and would be sought-after years from now. Another kind of investment is confidence; wearing beautiful jewellery makes the owners feel more confident about themselves, and so carry themselves in a different way. Others consider it as another type of investment, as something to pass on from generation to generation, secure in the knowledge that what is being passed on is of high value. Others simply love jewellery and would love to spend on good pieces. Isn't that reason enough?

Benny's Gems Creation is one jewellery company that understands the need of people who want to have unique jewellery pieces in their collection. Precious stones are precious for a reason, and it is only just that clients get to have the pieces they want, exactly the way they want them.

Benny's Gems Creation creates jewelry that will cater to any taste. They carry quirky diamond ring designs, pendants, necklaces and the like. They also have classic pieces made out of precious stones and diamonds. Singapore has a very diverse religious diaspora which means there are brides looking for both classic and ornate designs, depending on what their stylist or family deems acceptable. Benny's Gems Creation will also have jewelry to satisfy these clients--if not, they are open to customizing pieces.

Naturally, Benny's also carries a multitude of diamond ring designs, not just for weddings and engagements but also for any ocassion. They have available designs to give for Mothers' Day, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas and just because. Clients can also choose from various precious stones--not just diamonds. Singapore has a client base that has shown to be open to new and exciting colors. Benny’s, in turn, creates spectacular pieces that are sure to be loved for generations to come.

About Benny's Gems Creation
Benny's Gems Creation is located at 402 Orchard Road #01-10 Delfi Orchard, Benny's Gems Creation is known for its beautiful, sophisticated designs and unique jewellery. They provide a wide array of jewellery and personalised design to suit individual tastes.