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Bentonite Clay, the Next Big Beauty Secret to Youthful, Radiant Skin

Product features on the top 3 mineral foundation ranked by Martha Stewart Radio


Rosamond, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2014 -- Every day women spend hundreds of dollars on expensive creams, lotions, serums and so on. Reports suggest that women spend close to $15,000 on makeup alone in their lifetime.

All this money usually goes down the drain as makeup products hardly provide skin care benefits. They mask the problem of aging and leave women with no choice but, to look for other products to address the problem. With the new topical Bentonite Clay mask women can truly see results, results that contribute to the long term health of the skin.

The Azteca Gold Healing Clay is undoubtedly the best in the market as the product has the purest form of the clay which has inherent anti-aging benefits. The clay helps with many common skin issues like acne blemishes, sagging, dullness, lines and wrinkles and so on. The Bentonite Clay helps brighten the skin, plump it up to look youthful and radiant and, also, tightens the skin to address the visible signs of aging.

What is unique about this product is that in addition to having the purest form of the Bentonite clay with no added additives, it has a strong negative ionic charge which attracts the toxins and heavy metals from the skin’s surface; leaving it, clean and rejuvenated.

The Azteca Gold Healing Clay is sold by Growth Enrichment Center, a brand that is involved in bringing the best in skincare to its growing base of customers. The Bentonite Clay is available on Amazon at a special sale price. The price makes the ‘already customer top rated product’, further affordable.

About Bentonite Clay
Bentonite clay is known for its ancient skin care benefits. It is known to revitalize the skin from within and correct a host of skin problems that can make the skin look dull and lifeless. The clay is now part of the highly rated Azteca Gold Healing Clay which is a revolutionary product suitable for all skin types even those with sensitive skin.

The product is hypoallergenic, highly absorptive in nature and is great for intense skin, body and hair cleansing treatments. The Azteca Gold Healing Clay has 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay in its purest form. The product comes with a 100% money back guarantee. To know more, log onto

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