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Bep Nam Anh Unveils New Types of High Performance Induction Cookers


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2017 -- Bep Nam Anh, a well-known seller of kitchen and bathroom appliances, has pulled yet another first in the world of quality and modern kitchen appliances rolling out new types of high performance induction cookers. The new induction cookers, just like other appliances from Bep Nam Anh, are purely based on latest technology and capture what any modern lifestyles entails.

The new brands of induction cooker from Bep Nam Anh are not only safe but also very easy to clean. These are some of the features that were considered in order to give users easy times when using the cookers, something which has been missing in many induction cookers that are in the market.

Some of the tested, reviewed and trusted brands that one can get at Bep Nam Anh include Bosch, Fagor, Munchen, Teka and Lorca.

Why use new Bep Nam Anh induction cookers?

One good thing about Bep Nam Anh's induction cookers is the fact that they replaced the old-style knob with touch pads that are very easy to use, precise and easy to clean as well. The new cookers' cooktops are unheated and, therefore, stay quite cool. The cooktops remain cool because in induction cooking, the only area that is heated is the one that is in direct contact with the iron which has the cookware. There are also no spills when using them and, as such, you, as a user, can avoid splatters when using these types of induction cookers.

Induction cooking also reduces, by far, the time that one uses to cook. And now, with Bep Nam Anh improved induction cookers, that time has been reduced even further.

About Bep Nam Anh
Bep Nam Anh has been in this industry for more than 15 years and has found their way into the hearts of many families thanks to the types and quality of appliances they sell. Apart from induction cookers, Bep Nam Anh also sells many kitchen appliances such as electric cookers, ovens, dishwashers and bathroom equipment such as massage bathtubs and sauna to mention just a few.

The Vietnam based Bep Nam Anh is a fully licensed dealer and its products come with genuine warranty. The kitchen and bathroom equipment from Bep Nam Anh are also available in competitive prices. One can shop online through their easy to navigate website. The transactions are also secured.

Bep Nam Anh's customer service has been credited for its quick and professional responses. One can have a live chat with the customer services representatives, call them through their open lines or drop them an email.

Media Contact:
Company: Bep Nam Anh
Address: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Hotline: 091.602.7088