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Bera's New Single 'Parlez Vous Francais' Crossed 1.5 Million Views on YouTube


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2017 -- Bera Ivanishvili, who often goes by his stage name Bera, recently released his latest single 'Parlez Vous Francais' on YouTube, a sensational music video featuring Bera himself and Eva Minaeva, an NYC-based international model. Within a few days of its release, the music video has crossed a whopping 1.5 million views on YouTube. The international pop star and song writer claimed that this is arguably the best pop music he has created in his entire career, which is evident through the hundreds of fan messages he's been receiving on Facebook and Twitter since the release of the music video on August 29th this year.

The R&B artist has got incredible response on YouTube and Instagram too, for the song has become the new sensation for his millions of fans. 'Parlez Vous Francais', which translates into 'Do you speak French' in English, is essentially a love song in French language. According to Bera's PR team, Parlez Vous Francais is well in its way to become the top pop music video and possibly the biggest hit of Bera to date. The singer, who is also the founder of Georgian Dream Studio, has worked with some of the biggest producers, including the likes of Rob Fusari and Rodney Jerkins. The multimillionaire pop artist has released the song through his YouTube channel as he has got more than eleven thousand dedicated followers on the video sharing and streaming website.

According to Bera's PR team, the new music video can also be downloaded on Spotify and it is also now available on iTunes. In fact, Parlez Vous Francais is now trending all over, across all of the official social media channels of Bera. The singer hopes that the song will soon become a phenomenal hit and it may very well feature in the list of best pop songs 2017. Sources close to Bera suggested that the classically trained singer is gearing up for a number of tours in the coming months and he will be performing the song live in many different parts of the world.

Parlez Vous Francais is the newest music video created by and featuring Bera Ivanishvili, popularly known as Bera, who is an R&B singer.

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