BeReader Broadens Range of Products Offered with Brand New Stylish Reading Glasses

BeReader has previously earned a great reputation in Scandinavia for amazing glasses designed in Barcelona, and has now expanded their range to include reading glasses.


Askim, Scandinavia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- Glasses are more commonplace now than ever, with more people finding themselves using glasses due to long days staring a screens, which overtime impair people’s ability to see distances. Equally however, genetic conditions and other wear and tear can just as easily cause people to have trouble reading things near to them, and for that they require reading glasses. BeReader are super stylish glasses created in Barcelona and sold in Scandinavia, this hugely popular range now offers a new extended range of reading glasses to customers.

The super stylish glasses use cutting and irreverent materials including latex, plastic and metal, and stand out thanks to their bright colours and clashing schemes, as well as their unique frame designs. BeReader glasses were previously only available for everyday glasses, but can now be bought as reading glasses as well.

The reading glasses from BeReader (lasglasogon from BeReader in the native language) include Slastik, which have a banded headset that ensures they can’t fall off, and Pocket Reader, flat glasses that slide effortlessly into the pocket without taking up too much room. There are also more conventional designs with the same bold colour schemes.

A spokesperson for BeReader explained, “We are proud to announce the new range of reading glasses available in such a broad range of models, meaning there is sure to be something for everyone. The Levant, The Garbi, the Slastik and Pocket Reader flatline range together offer huge variety. For those who require glasses for driving or sports, there are also Sun Sport glasses as well as Sun Urban, which can be fitted with prescription lenses to guarantee everyone sees as clearly as possible while also having the best styled glasses in Scandinavia, and all the functionality of a specialist product. All our reading glasses are now available to view on our website, and can be bought in seconds using Klarna.”

About BeReader
BeReader sells Eyewear from Barcelona marketed & sold in Scandinavia. All reading glasses and sunglasses from BeReader are designed in Barcelona, by creative and innovative eyewear companies. They mix the Catalan culture with quality that is loved by Scandinavians, with the colorful attitude of Spain - in short, creating amazing glasses! For more information please visit: