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Bergaffe Launches Cool Kickstarter Projects to Fund Their Multifunctional, Compact Tool System


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- The creators of Bergaffe, the multifunctional, compact tool system designed for outdoor activities throughout the year, are pleased to announce that they are launching some cool Kickstarter projects to help raise funds to pay for the machines and proper production cycles needed to manufacture Bergaffe on a large scale. The Bergaffe team has already succeeded in raising nearly half of their £25,000 goal, but they still need the support of the Kickstarter community in order to ensure that their product is brought to market.

Bergaffe - a simple tube with lots of possibilities - provides a unique, convenient and simple solution for a variety of situations that outdoor enthusiasts typically face during their adventures and is designed specifically to reduce the amount of gear a person needs to bring along with them. Bergaffe is capable of quickly and easily being transformed into a shovel or rake for building perfect kickers, a snowboard stand that functions as a bench, a tripod for snapping group shots and breathtaking panoramas, a wardrobe rack for hanging gear, and a telescope tube.

One exciting aspect of Bergaffe is that each year the developers plan to release more and more add-ons, which will allow Bergaffe to replace many different tools and become the one-size-fits-all tool that every outdoor enthusiast relies on. “Our tools are simple and reduced to the very basics. Multifunctional and easy elements enable flexible solutions through their various combinations,” an article from the Bergaffe - Kickstarter project page noted.

Bergaffe is built with only the highest-quality materials and is made in Austria - no China junk - and the manufacturers are very selective about their production standards, taking into consideration such things as fair production standards, the sustainability index and geographic proximity.

The Bergaffe team is proud to offer some exceptional prizes as a thank you to contributors, including high-quality winter sport equipment such as the Bergaffe itself as well as a variety of handy accessories. Donors will also be able to feel good about their contributions, knowing that they have helped a group of hard-working and innovative entrepreneurs release an exceptional product.

About Bergaffe
In early 2012 the team at Bergaffe wanted to build a snowboard-bench that would not necessarily ruin the snowboard - as existing solutions do. In the process of designing it, the team realized the potential of a system that would add value to a tool that would be much more than just a snowboard-bench, which was when they came up with the system of “Bergaffe”. Since then Bergaffe developed into more than just a multitool – it evolved into an idea of a sustainable and durable system for sport enthusiasts and nature aficionados alike. For more information, please visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bergaffe/bergaffe-a-simple-tube-with-lots-of-possibilities.