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Berhane Marko: New Authorized Clean Green Nation Partner in Calgary, Alberta


Alberta, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2011 -- Berhane Marko is now an authorized Clean Green Nation partner in Alberta, Canada. Business and home owners interested in saving energy in Calgary can contact him for more information on the power of renewable energy sources. Clean Green Nation is the leading resource of sustainable energy for Alberta. The company focuses on providing affordable energy-saving products and green living education to consumers throughout Canada and the United States. As a new partner with this innovative company, Berhane Marko is the best resource for solar and wind energy information. The primary focus of this company is to teach the advantages of wind power.

On average, consumers who choose to convert to sustainable energy sources are able to route use their water, electric and heating bills by up to 60%. In addition to the month-to-month savings, numerous states and provinces offer tax rebates and bonuses just for choosing to install solar panels or wind turbines in the home. Clean Green Nation not only specializes in the best information and products for solar and wind energy, but also focuses on supplying consumers with energy-efficient home appliances ranging from bathroom fixtures to kitchen appliances to solar powered emergency kits. Do not hesitate to contact Berhane Marko for more information on green practices in Calgary, AB.

It is no secret that natural resources are disappearing faster than they are reproducing. As a result countries around the world are facing a challenge of creating a sustainable energy source. Solar energy and wind power have been at the forefront of innovative renewable energy options. In recent years manufacturers have found ways to turn both concepts into an affordable option for consumers and business owners.

About Clean Green Nation:
Clean Green Nation is the leading manufacturer of green news and information as well as sustainable energy products throughout the United States and Canada. The company specializes in wind LED lightning, solar power and green living education. Find more information by visiting http://www.berhanem.cleangreennation.com. For more information on Clean Green Nation products and services in Alberta, Canada, contact Berhane Marko via email at berhanem@cleangreennation.com or phone at (888) 566-1344.