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Bernstein Liebhard Announces Launch of Drug Bot, New Site Focusing on Defective Drugs

Drug Bot provides detailed information about dangerous drugs and medical devices, making it easy for those harmed to understand their situations and find help, Bernstein Liebhard LLP reports


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2014 -- Bernstein Liebhard LLP, a law firm that exclusively handles personal injury and class action claims, announced the launch of Drug Bot, a new online resource which collects information regarding prescription drugs and medical devices which have been found to be dangerous. The new site provides a centralized place for those who might have been injured by such products to find out more about the status of any ongoing lawsuits and sign up for free consultations regarding their own situations. Drug Bot is a free service underwritten by Bernstein Liebhard and will be updated to remain current as time goes on.

"We here at Bernstein Liebhard are proud to unveil Drug Bot to the public," representative Sandy Liebhard stated, "and we're sure that this new, centralized destination will provide much-needed help to people who have suffered harm from dangerous drugs and medical devices." Although the modern pharmaceutical and medical device industries do plenty of undeniable good, their products also harm some among those they are prescribed to at a steady rate. Inefficiencies and inadequacies in regulatory and testing processes, coupled with a sometimes-myopic focus on the bottom line on the part of manufacturers or simple negligence, lead to patients suffering lifelong injury from drugs and devices that were meant to improve their health. Even when such harm can be plainly and directly traced back to drug or medical device manufacturers, however, financial compensation can be hard to come by, as these deep-pocketed companies are often capable of overwhelming plaintiffs in court.

Bernstein Liebhard exclusively represents those who have been harmed through the faults of others. Based in New York, the national-scale firm has the resources it takes to successfully fight back against medical-industry companies with billions of dollars in capital and has done so for a long and growing list of clients. The firm's successes of this sort have made it a consistent presence on the "Plaintiffs' Hot list" of the National Law Journal for the past twelve years, a record that no other firm can match. Since 1993, Bernstein Liebhard has recovered more than $3 billion in judgments for the firm's clients, making it one of the most successful in the country.

The newly unveiled Drug Bot site is a product of Bernstein Liebhard's drive to provide invaluable help to those who have been harmed by drugs or medical devices. By collecting information about a variety of dangerous medical products in a single place, the firm's partners hope to make it easier and more efficient for people suffering from related problems to get the help they need. In addition to providing the latest news regarding drug advisories and recalls, the site catalogs ongoing lawsuits and details how visitors may obtain more information about them. Drugbot also contains a variety of general resources which delve into the procedural sides of medical product recalls and other relevant subjects, as well as a simple way for those who have been injured to arrange for free consultations regarding their own cases.

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Bernstein Liebhard LLP, a law firm which exclusively represents injured parties with class action and individual claims, was founded in New York in 1993 and, since then, has obtained over $3 billion in relief for the firm's clients. Alone among the country's practices, Bernstein Liebhard has appeared on the "Plaintiffs' Hot List" of the National Law Journal every year since it was first released in 2003.