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Berrien Dental Introduces Anutra to Their Patients


Berrien Springs, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2016 -- Anutra is a buffered anesthetics system that benefits the patient by allowing the anesthetic to work more quickly. No more sitting and waiting to get numb while the patient waits in the chair, wondering if the doctor is ever going to come back. Now, using Anutra the doctor never leaves the persons side, making the experience more efficient and comfortable.

Just thinking about getting that Novocain shot is very stressful and is one of the well known dental fears that affect a large number of dental patients. For the patient the foremost benefit of Anutra is that there is no pain, unlike the usual anesthetizing injection.

Other benefits include being able to numb up patients who have difficulty getting numb and have to endure several shots. Also, Anutra numbs up individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia pain. Fibromyalgia pain often occurs in the face, head, and neck areas, which can make dental visits intimidating.

Dr. Christy says, "Imagine having a crown or a bridge placed with the old Novocain style anesthetic. It seemed to take forever to get numb and when it finally did I was still out of the room. The patient was afraid the numbing effect would be gone by the time I came back." Anutra significantly enhances patient experience and comfort.

The average length of time it takes to numb up a patient is one and a half minutes compared to about 10-12 minutes with conventional Novocain. "My team loves me because I stay on time and my patients and my staff get out of the office on time. It's a win-win for everybody," remarks Dr. Balsis.

Dr. Christy comments, "I was amazed. My first patient said they felt numb immediately, so we got started in a minute and a half." In conventional anesthetics, there normally is a significant delay from when the doctor administers the anesthetic injection to when the patient is ready for the procedure.

Technology in the field of dentistry is constantly advancing and in order to continue to bring their patients the latest in treatments, Dr. Christy and Dr. Balsis take advanced dental courses on a regular basis. They also belong to numerous dental professional organizations.

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