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Berrien Dental Provides Relief for TMJS Sufferers

Dr. Todd Christy and Dr. Eric Balsis, of Berrien Dental are using advanced training for relieving patients suffering with pain from Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome Disorder (TMJS). Sixty million people in America suffer unnecessarily from this disorder.


Berrien Springs, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2013 -- For years, the notion that chronic headaches and migraines were linked to the jaw joint was not taken seriously. However, the medical and dental communities, including Dr. Christy and Dr. Balsis are joining forces in an interdisciplinary approach to treating Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (Disorder).

Dr. Todd Christy asks “Do you have a clicking jaw, severe headaches, ringing ears, neck pain, or limited opening of your jaw? If so, TMJS could be the culprit.” To put it differently, the aching muscles and the pain in the head and neck is brought on by muscle tissue, ligaments, joints, and bones not properly lining up.

Research through the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine examined the existence of TMJS in twenty-four individuals referred to a neurology medical office. The goal was to figure out the percentage of patients referred to a neurology center for headaches where TMJS would be the foremost reason for pain. They determined that 11 of the 24 patients with headaches had TMJS. That percentage, nearly half, is regarded as a high percentage when compared to the 15% in the general population determined to have TMJS.

Signs and symptoms of TMJS include clicking, popping or grating noise whenever opening or closing the mouth, headaches and/or light headedness or pain in jaw muscles. Other symptoms may include earache, jaws which sometimes lock open when yawning or if mouth is held open and cramps or spasm in the jaw region. If you experienced one or more of these symptoms, mention it to Dr. Todd Christy or Dr. Eric Balsis.

“As scientific opinion continues to grow regarding the link between headaches and TMJS, individuals who believe they have this condition should consult with Dr. Christy or me at Berrien Dental. We have taken advanced training in the treatment of TMJS,” comments Dr. Balsis.

Their treatment methods usually involve no pills, zero shots, zero surgery, and no unwanted side effects. Dr. Christy or Dr. Balsis can treat these issues because they are caused by clenching your teeth when you are sleeping and occasionally during the day. When you clench your teeth, you make use of a number of the strongest muscles in your body. The high-intensity contractions of such powerful muscles turn out to be painful and the forces generated cause pain in surrounding tissues, joints, as well as other muscles.