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Berrien Dental Welcomes Dr. Carr's Patients

Berrien Dental of Berrien Springs, MI, will provide dental care to the patients of Dr. Ronald Carr of Buchanan, MI, due to his upcoming retirement. Dr. Todd Christy and Dr. Eric Balsis of Berrien Dental have been Dr. Carr's personal dentists for years and Dr. Carr feels comfortable asking them to take over his patients' oral care.


Berrien Springs, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- Dr. Ronald Carr has provided dental services to residents of Buchanan, MI and the surrounding area for as long as he can remember.

"Some of the children that I treated when I was much younger are now grown and have families of their own with children that I see as well," reminisced Dr. Carr recently. "It's hard to give it up but it's time for me to retire and take some time for myself. I recently lost the lease on my building and the owners have decided to tear it down and build new. Then, just a few weeks ago, I lost my dear wife, Maureen, to cancer. I think it's time to slow down."

Dr. Carr wrote a personal letter to his patients explaining his plans and encouraging them to, one last time, follow his advice for good oral health.

"I told them that, for years I have been going to see Dr. Balsis and Dr. Christy at Berrien Dental for my personal dental needs. They offer technology and services that I only wish I could have offered to my own patients. I feel that my patients would be in very good hands and I am once again providing them with the best dentistry I have to offer," stated Dr. Carr. "Who knows, maybe I'll see them when I come in for my own appointments," he chuckled.

Dr. Todd Christy and Dr. Eric Balsis of Berrien Dental are throwing a Thank You party for their long-time colleague and friend, and festivities will be held at Berrien Dental's practice location.

"Dr. Carr is not only a personal friend and our patient, he is also a small-town dental hero,"explained Dr. Christy. "In rural areas across the country, small communities often struggle to get and retain local dental practices. Dr. Carr is an example of someone who was more interested in his patients' good health than he was about fees and profit. He has served the people of Buchanan with skill and love for a long time."

Dr. Carr's patients have received personal invitations to stop in to say, "Goodbye and Thank You!"