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Beryllium Hydroxide Market - Size, Trend, Share, Opportunity Analysis, and Forecast, 2014-2025

Beryllium is a chemical element that is light and silver in color.


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2017 -- Beryllium is a chemical element that is light and silver in color. It is useful for various applications in its alloyed, oxide, and metallic forms. Beryllium hydroxide, Be (OH) 2, an oxide of beryllium, is an amphoteric hydroxide, which dissolves in both acids and alkalis. It is very light in weight and has melting points as high as 1,280C, which is the highest of all light metals. It has excellent physical properties such as high stiffness, resistance to corrosion from acids, and high electrical & thermal conductivity.

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Only two beryllium minerals-beryl and bertrandite-are of commercial importance. Industrially, beryllium hydroxide is produced as a by-product in the extraction of beryllium metal from the ores beryl and bertrandite. The global beryllium hydroxide market is classified on the basis of applications and geography. On the basis of application, the global beryllium hydroxide market is segmented into aerospace, automotive, medical, defense, electrical & electronics, and others. The geographic breakdown and deep analysis of each of the aforesaid segments have been covered for North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA.

In the aerospace industry, it is used in precision tools, braking systems, altimeters, and engines. In the automotive industry, it is used in anti-lock brake systems, air-bag sensors, and steering wheel connecting springs. In the medical industry, it is used in X-ray tube windows, medical laser components, dental crowns, and others. It is used in heat shields, missile guidance systems, and nuclear reactor components in the defense sector. In the electrical & electronics industry, it is used in mobile telephone components, electronic & electrical connectors, microwave devices, relays, and switches.

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Market Dynamics:


Growth in the electrical & electronics industry
Growing use of lightweight materials in the aerospace industry


Stringent government regulations

Market Players:

The top players in the beryllium hydroxide market are Hunan Non-Ferrous Metals Corp. Ltd., FHBI, Materion Corporation, NGK Metals Corporation, Ulba Metallurgical Plant JSC, Starmet Corporation, IBC advance alloy, and Advanced Industries International.

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By End-use Industry
Electrical & electronics

By Geography
North America

Table Of Contents:
1. Executive Summary
1.1. Key Findings
1.2. Market Attractiveness and Trend analysis
1.3. Competitive Landscape and Recent Industry Development Analysis
2. Introduction
2.1. Report Description
2.2. Scope and Definitions
2.3. Research Methodology
3. Market Landscape
3.1. Growth Drivers
3.1.1. Impact analysis
3.2. Restrains and Challenges
4. Market by End-use Industry
4.1. Aerospace
4.1.1. Historical market size by Region, 2014–2016
4.1.2. Market forecast by Region, 2017–2025
4.2. Automotive