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Best 2014 Credit Repair Companies Are Ranked at Best-5


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2014 -- Best-5, a website that offers in-depth reviews of a huge number of products and services, has just posted their list of the top five credit repair companies. In addition to the thorough reviews of the credit repair firms, Best-5 also features user testimonials as well as a star rating system that allows customers to rate the various companies based on their own experiences.

After spending a great deal of time and effort researching many credit repair companies and collecting and analyzing the large number of user votes, Best-5 has ranked Lexington Law as the top company.

As anyone who has poor credit knows quite well, having a low FICO score can do more than prevent them from getting a home loan or credit card with a decent interest rate. A low credit score may also be looked at unfavorably by potential employers, and it can prevent people from renting a car or being approved to purchase a cell phone. While people with low credit scores may want to work with a credit repair company to try to improve their FICO score and also remove any erroneous entries from their credit report, they may not know which companies are best.

This is where Best-5 can help; by offering in-depth and helpful reviews about the top five credit repair companies—as well as the types of services that they offer, their pricing plans, and what helps to set them apart from other similar companies—consumers can make educated choices about who they decide to work with to improve their credit. The site also features educational articles about the credit industry in general; for instance, “What is a FICO Score” explains in easy-to-understand language what this number means and how it is determined.

As the review of Lexington Law noted, the company has helped to remove over 12 million negative items from consumers’ credit reports. The company works with clients directly to monitor their credit scores and takes immediate steps to dispute any errors. The other four reviews feature similar information about the other companies, and the specific ways they can help consumers to repair their credit.

As a company spokesperson from Best-5 noted, the website is proud to offer information about the five top credit repair companies. The founders of the site truly understand the need for good credit, and they are pleased to help consumers make the best choices for their credit repair needs.

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