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Best 2014 Debt Settlement Companies Are Ranked at Best-5


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2014 -- Best-5, a website that offers in-depth reviews, educational articles and user testimonials about hundreds of products and services, has just added a new page that is devoted to the best debt settlement companies.

The founders of Best-5 spent several months collecting user votes and analyzing the data about many different debt settlement companies. After completing their thorough reviews, they announced that National Debt Relief has earned the top spot.

While many people would like to work with a debt settlement company to get their monthly bills under control and reduce the amount of money that they owe to creditors, it can be difficult to decide which business is most reputable. This is where Best-5 can help—by offering useful reviews about the five top debt settlement companies as well as information about their fees, services and what helps set them apart from the competition. Armed with this knowledge, consumers can make an educated decision about which company they should work with.

As the review of National Debt Relief notes, the company does an outstanding job of helping people feel at ease by offering aggressive and effective debt settlement, as well as great customer support and debt relief education. Consumers do not have to pay a service fee up front, and the company works hard to advocate for their customers, many of whom are having trouble making ends meet.

In addition to the expert reviews and a star rating system that allows people who have used the different companies to post their feedback, Best-5 also features numerous educational articles about the different services. These answer many of the common questions that consumers have about the various products.

For example, a recently-posted article titled “Debt Settlement Pros and Cons” examines who might wish to work with a debt settlement company.

“One of the most obvious benefits of deciding on debt settlement is that you will be able to pay off any outstanding bills and expenses of a lesser amount that you initially thought, the article noted, adding that this means that people will save money as they settle their debts.

“When your final payment amounts are acceptable to all parties, you will be paying off a smaller amount of debt overall. In fact, many people in this situation save around 50 percent as the settlement amount is much smaller than the original debt.”

The founders of Best-5 are happy to help people who find themselves owing more money than they can afford to pay back. They are devoted to educating consumers on making the best choice for them, and are proud of their new section devoted to debt settlement companies, as well as the many other products and services.

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