Best Arizona Short Sale Company and Short Sale Specialist Help Distressed Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure


Gilbert, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- Unfortunately due to the current tough economic conditions, increasing number of home owners are faced with foreclosure because of defaults in mortgage payment. Having to face a foreclosure can cause great amount of distress to the homeowner, foreclosure is usually the last option any home owner would like to consider. It is important to understand that both banks and homeowners would like to avoid foreclosure and forecloses are viewed as only the last resort. Out of the 35% of underwater homeowners in Arizona, usually 90% of them are unaware of their options for avoiding foreclosure.

Arizona Short Sale Company has over 18 years of experience in helping their clients avoid foreclosures through the short sale process. In all these years of being in the industry, the company has managed to maintain a 100% success rate. Such a high level of success is almost unheard of in the industry this makes Arizona Short Sale Specialist the best short sale company in Arizona.

The short sale process can be a win-win situation for both the homeowner and the lender. When homeowners get far behind on their mortgage payments that there’s not a realistic chance that they will be able to catch up and face the possibility of a foreclosure, the mortgage company or lender to whom mortgage payments are being made decides it’s in their best interest to accept having the home sold on the market at a price less than the total amount that the homeowner owes the lender.

In some fortunate cases where the home property value has appreciated significantly and the sales proceed will probably exceed the outstanding loans amount or even if there are slim chances on making a profit on the sale of the property, short sale can enable homeowners to pay the loan and salvage their credit score this means they can avail of another loan in future. It is important to enlist a short sale specialist to ensure a smooth and successful short sale process because the key to short sales is in the negotiations. Arizona Short Sale Company’s expert team are able to negotiate perfectly with the lender, this is clearly obvious in their past 100% success rate. They will do all the needed work while their clients can get back to getting a good night’s sleep again.

Arizona Short Sale Company’s website and Arizona Short Sale Specialist have all the information to enable homeowners who are facing possible foreclosures make the best and informed decisions.

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