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Best Bath Store's 100%-Natural Bath and Body Products Are Perfect for Conscientious Consumers


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/15/2012 -- Many consumers are getting worried about the toxins and harmful chemicals that are present in everyday products. Being exposed to these toxins through beauty care products is a risk for everyone who buys from major brands that pump their products full of chemicals.

A lot of people want to find a reliable source for the best 100%-natural products, manufactured with consideration for product quality, the environment and animal rights. Recently, these people have all been talking about Best Bath Store, which allows them to shop online for handmade luxury bath and body products that are completely natural. At consumers can browse through an extensive line of natural products, including natural soaps. The Best Bath Store website describes this luxurious all-natural soap:

“Redefine what it means to have clear, soft skin with natural, handmade soap. Organic extracts, blended essential oils, and natural botanicals harvested from the earth form unique, individual bars that appeal to all of your moods. From soothing to stimulating, our floral, herbal and citrus bars will infuse your skin with the nourishment and moisture it deserves.”

By visiting the Natural Soap section of the website, customers can see pictures of almost 20 different varieties of soaps made from unique ingredients such as peppermint, rose, lemon-lime, evergreen and coffee as well as more traditional ingredients like eucalyptus, cocoa butter, lavender, vanilla and honey. Each product page features a full description of the product, directions for product usage as well as customer reviews and a detailed ingredient list that includes definitions of all the natural elements.

In addition to handmade soaps, the Best Bath Store website features other product categories such as bath salts, body scrubs, lotions, masks, eye care, lip care, hair care and men’s products. For each of these categories, there is a general description explaining the benefits of using natural products for that specific beauty need. Every product page includes the same details that are featured in the handmade soap product pages.

By visiting the Best Bath Store website, customers will also be able to get more information on the Best Bath Store point system, which enables them to earn points that are good for store credit. The Ingredients section of the website allows customers to learn about every single ingredient used in Best Bath’s natural products, ensuring that customers will always be informed about everything that goes into their favorite Best Bath products.

About Best Bath Store
Best Bath Store, LLC is a small business located in Woburn, MA operating in a 5,300-square-foot facility. All products are handmade at this facility in small batches to ensure attention to detail, freshness and customer satisfaction. Best Bath Store commits to producing all products from 100%-natural ingredients with respect to human, plant, and animal life.

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