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Best BB Creams Publishes New Guides to the Best BB Creams for All Skin Conditions

Best BB Creams publishes editorials and product reviews of BB creams for a variety of different skin conditions, featuring recommendations based on the skin type of the reader.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- BB creams were first created to help skin heal and recover after laser surgery and they contain Hydroxatone, an active ingredient that promotes skin health and robustness. Soon enough manufacturers found its effects could be beneficial for a wide range of skin conditions and began to market it as a commercial product. Best BB Creams began publishing shortly thereafter to give consumer guidance on the best brands as well as reviewing products and providing more information on the uses of this new and exciting product. Their latest action has been to break down their product recommendations into distinct categories based on skin types.

The categories now include acne, dark skin, dry skin and oily skin, and each category recommends products that have been optimized to have all the beneficial effects of hydroxatone but also address specific issues for these skin types. For instance, some BB cream also contains some form of peroxide which can bleach the skin and is unsuitable for those with darker complexions.

The website also offers BB cream reviews of individual products over and above their top recommendations for each skin type, meaning new product releases are always covered by the website and are categorized by who they will work best for.

A spokesperson for Best BB Creams explained, “Best BB Creams has been created to offer people advice on finding the best BB cream for them, and we soon discovered through discussions with our readers that people’s needs, though varied, broadly fell into major categories of skin types and particular conditions. We also found that some BB Cream manufacturers prioritized eliciting certain effects over others, meaning some excelled in treating acne scars while others managed to even out oily skin. As a result, we created sections so people can find what they need quickly and easily.”

About Best BB Creams
Best BB Creams offers user guidance, product reviews and supplier recommendations to those interested in purchasing and getting the best results from BB creams. BB creams are used to perfect the skin and help overcome procedures like laser surgery and reduce the appearance of acne scars. The website is regularly updated with new articles and information. For more information please visit: