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Best Bev Explains the Advantages Velcorin Offers the Beverage Industry


Pennsburg, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2022 -- Every beverage producer understands there's a fine balance between making a drink free of yeasts, molds, and bacteria and producing a drink that tastes great. Some degree of filtration is often necessary to create a drink that is safe to consume, but too much filtration can alter the flavor of a beloved beverage. Best Bev, a bottling and canning company in Pennsburg, PA, recognizes this struggle between creating a clean beverage and staying true to flavor after the bottling process. That's why they use Velcorin technology when bottling clients' beverages. Today, the co-packing company explains the benefits Velcorin provides to beverage companies.

Velcorin (or dimethyl dicarbonate, DMDC) is a microbial control agent and yeast inhibitor that destroys microorganisms, including yeast, bacteria, and mold. It is added during the production stage, where it then enters the cells of targeted microorganisms and destroys the enzymes the cells need to function. In small doses, Velcorin will effectively eliminate yeast that could change the flavor or aroma of a beverage after it is bottled. With slightly larger doses, the agent can also take care of bacteria and fungi. If there is any leftover DMDC after it goes to work, the agent will be hydrolyzed once introduced to water.

It's important to note that Velcorin is not used to produce every type of beverage. The agent is used with fruit and vegetable-based drinks, including wine, hard ciders and seltzers, iced teas, juice, flavored waters, and sports and energy drinks. Velcorin is most commonly used in the wine industry to control the amount of spoilage yeast present after bottling and prevent refermentation. In whichever applications it is used, Velcorin effectively creates a quality drink every time.

In addition to taking care of unwanted microorganisms, Velcorin offers several other benefits to beverage producers. Most notably, the microbial control agent does not alter the drink's taste, aroma, or color. This is because any leftover DMDC is broken down into negligible amounts of methanol and carbon dioxide — both of which already occur naturally in fruit and vegetable beverages. Additionally, Velcorin is compatible with various packaging materials and can lengthen the shelf life of cold beverages.

When it comes to making and distributing fruit and vegetable-based drinks, nothing can be left to chance. This is why Best Bev relies on Velcorin to help its clients produce tasty and thirst-quenching beverages. For more information about the company's use of the latest beverage production technology or their consulting services, visit today.

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