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Best Bread Machines / Bread Makers in 2013 Are Featured at Articate.com


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- A new article from Articate.com takes a look at some of the best bread machines / bread makers that are available to buy in 2013, and acts as a useful guide for anyone who wants to buy one of these items for themselves, or for someone else as a gift this Christmas.

"There are a total of four bread makers that we have recommended altogether, with the cheapest coming in at just over $60 and the most expensive top-of-the-range machine costing closer to $240," said an Articate spokesperson.

"Therefore it should be possible for anyone to find a good quality bread making machine, regardless of their budget."

This article starts off by looking at two of the more impressive top-of-the-range models from Panasonic and Zojirushi, both of which are currently two of the best-selling bread makers in 2013.

The Panasonic has the larger capacity of the two, as it is able to make 2.5 lb loaves, but they both have numerous menu settings that enable people to produce a wide variety of different styles of bread, and come with free recipes and lots of added extras, as well as a useful 13-hour time delay function.

With regards to the other two models featured on this page, they both have some impressive features considering the fact that they are both a lot less expensive.

The Cuisinart bread maker, for instance, has 12 different menu settings, including a gluten-free option, and also boasts a viewing window so that it is possible to check on the progress of the bread during the baking process.

The other budget-friendly bread machine is equally as impressive because although it may look quite small and compact, it still has a 2-pound capacity and can bake a variety of different breads day in day out without any problems. Plus it even has an Expressbake option that can be used to bake bread in just one hour, which is another reason why it is so highly rated.

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