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Businesses depend on flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBCs) to store and transport dry goods and Best Bulk Bags blog provides essential information about these important carriers.


Jersy City, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2013 -- A variety of businesses need flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) to transport dry, flowing goods. Best Bulk Bags is a new blog sharing the information required to make an educated decision about buying FIBCs.

For hundreds of years, bulk bags have been used to store and transport goods that are difficult to handle individually. For example, beans are an item best placed in a large bag so they are easy to move and unload. Bulk bags come in an array of sizes and shapes to hold products ranging from pet food to fertilizers. Bulk bags hold up to 3,000 pounds or more. FIBCs need to be strong and durable to stand up to national and international shipping requirements. Best Bulk Bags reviews all the basics about FIBCs.

Terminology is a major issue when people attempt to find the right bulk bags for products such as granulated plastic beads or flour. Having a simple glossary makes a major difference when a supplier starts asking specific questions. At Best Bulk Bags, these important terms are outlined in a way anyone can understand.

Certain types of FIBCs are integral for use by various industries such as the military and highway departments. For example, sandbags have been used for centuries. In simplest terms, sandbags can transport small granules of sand. These movable bags are also used to create barricades against floods and erosion. They can even be used to create temporary or semi-permanent structures. All the uses of sandbags are defined at Best Bulk Bags.

Bulk bags also include a variety of other bags used to transport goods. For example, polypropylene woven mesh bags are used to move produce. Coin and currency bags hold money for bank, casinos, retailers and more. Business managers can find out all about FIBCs at the Best Bulk Bags blog.

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Best Bulk Bags is an educational blog offering the facts about a variety of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs). From selecting the right FIBC to understanding the detailed terminology, this blog is an essential resources for all types of businesses.

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