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Best Carpet Cleaning Atlanta Area Company Platinum Carpet Systems Is Now Certified by Trustdale.com


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2012 -- As most people know quite well, nothing will spoil the look of a room more quickly than a dirty, dingy carpet. From food and pet stains to mud and more, a filthy carpet is not only unattractive, it can also be unsanitary.

While many homeowners want to get their carpets professionally cleaned, it can be difficult to know which companies are the best. Unscrupulous cleaners who take their customers’ money and leave them with poorly-cleaned carpets have made the news in recent years, so many people are understandably wary about who they should hire.

An Atlanta carpet cleaning company has been getting a lot of attention lately for its high-quality carpet cleaning system combined with its outstanding customer service. Platinum Carpet Systems, a full service carpet cleaning company, has developed a well-deserved reputation for its honesty and integrity during the 10-plus years it has been in business. For people who want the best carpet cleaning Atlanta based Platinum Carpet Systems is ready, willing and able to help.

The company recently caught the eye of Dale, who founded the Trustdale.com website. Platinum Carpet Systems was recently certified by Trustdale.com as one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Atlanta.

“Other than roofing, choosing a carpet cleaner might be the most risky decision you can make,” Dale said.

“I only recommend companies that truly clean your carpet, and send drug-tested background checked employees to your home. If you want great service at a great price, take my advice: hire Platinum Carpet Systems.”

The company’s user-friendly website explains in great detail how the carpet cleaning process works. For example, customers’ carpets will always receive top quality, multi-step deep steaming that is done by a two-man cleaning crew.

Before the carpets are cleaned, the pair will pre-inspect the carpets, checking out the particular areas that the customer is concerned about. During this inspection, the employees will also note what the carpet is made of as well as how soiled it is and which of these stains might be permanent.

Next, the two-man crew will move the furniture out of the way. While many companies do not do this step and require homeowners to move their heavy sofas and couches on their own, the friendly and professional staff from Platinum Carpet Systems carefully moves all but the largest pieces of furniture aside, protecting the items with blocks and tabs.

After pre-spraying and pre-spotting the carpet, the employees will use a state-of-the-art, truck-mounted hot water extraction process to flush out and clean the carpet pile. Once the cleaning process is over, a “drying stroke” will remove any remaining moisture from the top of the carpet fibers.

Any spots that are not removed during the treatment are then taken care of with special spotting techniques. Finally, the carpet is raked in one direction to help dry it quickly and look beautiful. The homeowner is then invited to inspect the work along with the crew.

About Platinum Carpet Systems
Platinum Carpet Systems is a full service carpet cleaning company. The company has been serving the Atlanta area for over 10 years. Some other services the employees provide are upholstery cleaning, drapery cleaning, oriental rug cleaning and 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service. For more information, please visit www.platinumcarpetsystems.com