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Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- Although celebrities and weight loss experts have brought detoxification diets to the social forefront recently, the truth is they are nothing new. In fact, they’ve been in existence for thousands of years. In the past they were frequently used in combination with meditation for overall body and mind cleansing or as a religious means of getting more in touch with the body. But today they’ve caught on as an effective way to rid the body of toxins and chemicals and achieve rapid weight loss. There are many options and choosing the best cleansing diet can be tricky. DetoxNaturally.org is a website dedicated to helping people safely approach detox diets by educating them on how they work and detailing different varieties.

The new website advises people considering a detox diet first off to have a clear goal in mind, whether it’s to lose weight, purify the body of toxins or achieve renewed energy, for example. It offers practical advice on things to consider and watch out for. The site warns visitors about unnecessarily harsh products that contain chemicals that can actually be counter-productive to a cleanse, and suggests instead a diet that is gentle, natural and proven as the best way to go.

One such program included on the site is the Master Cleanse Diet, also called the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet. Unlike “fad” diets or other products currently on the market, it has a long and proven 70 year history. The site heralds how easy it is to make and ingest, and how it has taken physical maintenance, for both health and weight, to new heights. “Losing weight quickly is just one of the prosperous side effects of this easy access diet. The overall benefits of detoxifying the entire body from gut to skin, hair, and blood stream allows a more balanced and proficient immune system to emerge on the other side of the ten day plan,” the site reads.

Also at http://detoxnaturally.org, visitors will find testimonials from people who’ve used various cleansing and detoxifying products. “During the first cleanse I lost almost 35 lbs, but more importantly, I felt alive again,” wrote one woman of the Master Cleanse.

About Detoxnaturally.org
Detoxnaturally.org is a new site that provides useful information for people considering a detoxifying diet. Visitors can learn what to be aware of and what to watch out for when evaluating different cleansing programs and read real testimonials from people who’ve tried popular detox methods. For more information, visit: http://detoxnaturally.org