Best Debt Repayment Plans by Credit-Yogi in 2013

The friendly woman next door has bad credit. So does the guy across the street. Lots of people do, but what are they to do about it? The following will offer some insight about debt repayment programs and plans to help everyone whose credit isn't so good to rebuild it.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- It is a very fiscally responsible thing to do to pay off debt. Doing this will improve one’s credit rating, opening up avenues of financial opportunities previously closed. The most effective way to get rid of what one owes is to develop a debt repayment plan. Here are the relatively simple steps toward doing so. Gather documentation of all the debt one has, including minimum amounts due, interest rates, and how much is owed. Next, put them in the order in which one intends to pay them. This can be based on interest rate or amount owed. Many experts suggest starting with the debts that have the lowest amount due on them, as this helps build momentum to keep paying off the other debts. Others say just the opposite, and that if the highest amount owed debts get paid off first, one will want to get rid of the lesser debts fast. The next step is to figure out how much money one has to use for debt repayment. Some adjustments to one’s way of life may be necessary, such as staying in and making dinner instead of going to a restaurant to eat. If one is serious about getting rid of one’s debt, this shouldn't be a problem. Selling items no longer necessary to one can help earn money for debt repayment, as can taking on a second job.

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Continuing the suggestion above, once some extra cash is available, use all of it to pay off the first debt on one’s list. Pay just the minimum amount due on all other debts. Keep going in this vein until all of one’s debt is gone. After that, put the excess money into a savings account. There are many debt repayment programs out there, too. Search the Internet for companies that will help a person devise their program. Look through the Yellow Pages and find credit counseling services that work with individuals and contact creditors to figure out reasonable payment plans. While these services can be helpful, they charge a fee for assisting someone. Choosing to use the “debt snowball” or “debt avalanche” programs of debt repayment is something a person can do on his own at no cost. The former program relies on the interest rate of the debt; the latter, on the amount owe.

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