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Diet Doc Announces Their Best Diet for Fast Weight Loss That Includes Unlimited Support for Long Term Weight Loss Management

Diet Doc’s best diet for fast weight loss helps people nationwide successfully achieve their goals while teaching them long term weight loss management


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2014 -- A recent study that focused on some of today’s most popular weight loss programs, including Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem, as well as other low-carb, low-fat plans, revealed that most dieters who were compliant with the programs were successful in losing between 10-15 pounds, however because the dieters were not knowledgeable about long term weight loss management, follow-up studies revealed that a very high percentage of these clients regained the weight.

Another study compared quick weight loss programs to the slow, steady approach. Again, results revealed that both diet approaches work basically the same, with the quick weight loss participants losing approximately 10-15% of their initial body weight over a 1-2 month period, while the slow, steady participants lost the same amount over a 6-8 month period. Unfortunately, follow-up of the two groups showed that approximately 70% of all participants failed to maintain their long term weight loss and regained the weight.

One common trend that continues to surface in the studies is that much of the weight loss success tends to be more about psychology rather than the diet itself. Patients following long term diets tend to become bored and discouraged with the gradual weight loss while others become frustrated when their weight loss tapers. They lack the knowledge of how to reset the metabolism and their weight loss program offers little, if any, support. For this reason, Diet Doc developed their complete medical weight loss programs that provide patients with the best diet for fast weight loss, while also teaching them long term weight loss management.

Diet Doc’s best diets for fast weight loss are individually designed based on each client’s unique health factors and nutritional needs, allowing diet plans to be designed around the patient’s own body functions in order to maximize effectiveness. Diet Doc analyzes popular diets from around the world, incorporating the most effective parts of each diet before building their comprehensive master diet plan for each of their patients.

In addition to extracting the best elements of the most effective diets, Diet Doc adds the knowledge and expertise of a team of specially trained doctors, nurses and nutritionists, incorporates 100% pure hormone diet treatments to turn the body into a fat burning machine, exclusive diet pills for those who need to jump start their metabolism for even faster weight loss, and an impressive collection of nutrient rich vitamin and mineral supplements that are essential to safe, healthy and fast weight loss. They then added the convenience of allowing patients to lose weight without costly and time consuming visits to weight loss clinics and inserted personal service, attention and medical supervision throughout. This is why Diet Doc has become the leading, most respected and most reliable source of medical weight loss in the nation and can finally offer patients throughout the country the best diet for fast weight loss.

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