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Best Diet Supplement Requires a Combination of Effective Natural Ingredients Says PelaSlim Creator


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2014 -- San Antonio, TX – Pelame Inc., a company that has gained wide attention for its proven gray hair treatment Pro-FolliCleanse, has recently launched a dietary supplement PelaSlim which combines 4 highly effective natural ingredients into one convenient bottle. According to the company, their product takes advantage of the recently popular natural ingredients that have revolutionized the health industry by combining them in specific proportions to make a comprehensive diet supplement.

In the last 2-3 years the health and fitness industry has had a surge in demand of dietary supplements mainly due to the introduction of numerous natural ingredients that have shown great results in short periods of consumption. PelaSlim combines some of these ingredients to offer a complete dietary product which enables an individual to lose weight fast and in a healthy manner.

Out of the 4 ingredients that Pelame Inc. has used to create PelaSlim, two ingredients – Green Coffee Extract and Raspberry Ketone – are now immensely popular amongst weight loss seekers, while the other two are considered the upcoming revolutionary natural ingredients - Hoodia Gordonii (Stem) and Glucomannan.

Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Extract have proven to be highly effective metabolic boosters and excellent fat burners. While the Hoodia Gordonii (Stem) in PelaSlim plays the important role of maintaining energy levels during the fat loss which has become a major concern amongst consumers of dietary supplements.

Yet it is Glucomannan which is the key ingredient in PelaSlim with 1500mg composition compared to 500mg of Hoodia, 400mg of Green Coffee Extract (with 50% Chlorogenic Acid) and 300mg of Raspberry Ketone.

Glucomannan is responsible for suppressing appetite and could be the best ingredient available for this task in the entire world as the fiber has the highest molecular weight of any water-soluble fiber. Glucomannan which is also called Konjac Roots, creates an immediate sensation of fullness because when consumed it expands up to 50 times its original volume. This means that PelaSlim could indeed be called the best diet supplement for suppressing appetite.

It will remain to be seen if Glucomannan will also catch attention like the Green Coffee Bean Extract and the Raspberry Ketone, however for now Pelame Inc. has made its move by offering it in their miracle fat burner PelaSlim.

About Pelame Inc.
Pelame Inc. is the company behind the 100% natural dietary supplement PelaSlim. PelaSlim is composed of 4 key ingredients - Raspberry Ketone, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Hoodia Gordonii (Stem) and Glucomannan – and comes with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. PelaSlim can be ordered online via its official website,

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