Joe Bragg Offers Quick and Easy Way to Find the Right Dishwasher


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2012 -- Dishwashers are an incredibly convenient household tool that can drastically reduce the amount of time doing chores by doing one of the more unpleasant one’s for you. People stopped washing clothes by hand fifty years ago, and now it seems that the majority of people are looking to make the switch to letting machines do dishes too.

But how can consumers be sure they are buying the best dishwasher for them? Product descriptions from manufacturers almost always read like sales blurb and leave out much of the practical information consumers would ideally prefer to use when making decisions.

Best Dishwasher Reviews has been launched to change all that. They offer no-nonsense, economically written dishwasher reviews for consumers to get at-a-glance information to quickly make the right decision according to their needs.

The reviews are split into different categories, including by main brand and by how they sit in a kitchen. The reviews themselves are elegantly simplistic, dividing comments into bullet-pointed pros and cons to give an easy visual reference as to which outweighs the other. The comments themselves are practically minded and aimed at those who want to know how the dishwasher will fit their lives as well as their kitchens. Beneath the pros and cons is a consumer feedback star-rating system which gives a mean score out of ten. There is also a comments box where users of the dishwasher in question can give anecdotal references on the product for a fuller portrait of the real-life circumstances it is used in. High quality imagery is always included to give users a good idea of the dimensions and visual stylings of the dishwasher.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “We understand that people live busy lives and that they’re looking for information to be presented to them in a way that’s economical, easy to understand, but still ultimately fulfilling. We’ve designed our site and the reviews we offer to be short and to the point, giving only the information needed to make a verdict. These are reliable, informative product reviews for the Twitter generation.”

About Best Dishwasher Reviews
Best Dishwasher Reviews looks at all the latest dishwasher models. It compares and reviews them and allows consumer to leave their feedback and ratings on each model. Best Dishwasher Reviews is fast becoming the go to place for people searching for a new dishwasher. For more information, please visit: