Best Drunk Driving Prevention Programs for Teenagers

Most people have either heard of drunk driving fatalities or been affected by one themselves. Over the past decade, law enforcement agencies across the country have developed drunk driving prevention programs.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- would like to inform consumers about where these programs are and how effective they’ve been by sharing some research on them, including:

- Washington State’s Plan
- NHTA’s Program to Stop DUI
- Montana’s MUDD Program
- The Drunk Driving Prevention Program

Washington State’s DUI Prevention Plan

The WTSC developed the NEET (Nighttime Emphasis Enforcement Team) program in Nov. 2006. The point of the NEET program is to reduce traffic fatalities due to DUI. Washington State troopers were deployed, their sole objective being to arrest those drivers suspected of drunk driving. In Snohomish County alone over the first 27 months of the program, the number of DUI-related fatalities decreased by 40%, indicating great success as one of the drunk driving prevention programs.


The National Highway Traffic Authority (NHTA) offers good drunk driving prevention programs, beginning with the Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention plan. It starts with a health professional talking with a person about his level and frequency of alcohol use. If he is found to be at risk of becoming alcohol dependent, he is given a short interventional counseling session to confront the negative aspects of his addiction. The NHTA also suggests using an alternate ride service to prevent DUI. Learn more about this at

MUDD in Montana

MUDD (Most of Us don’t Drink and Drive) is Montana’s addition to country-wide drunk driving prevention programs. Its goal is to use social norms media as a way to deter those between ages 21-34 from driving drunk. After inundating parts of western Montana with social norms media featuring facts about DUI among those in this age group, the results were a dramatic decrease in the number of alcohol-related injuries/fatalities in this age group. Many misconceptions, such as that no on e in the target group uses a designated driver, were put to rest.


The Drunk Driving Prevention Program (DDPP) is available throughout the country as one of the best drunk driving prevention programs. It has chapters in many states, and is growing rapidly. The DDPP provides safe rides to people 21 and older who have gotten drunk and don’t wish to drive. A simple phone call gets a no-question-asked ride home. The DDPP will also drive one’s car home. The service is free, reliable, and has helped decrease country-wide DUI incidents by 18%.

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