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Aliso Viejo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2013 -- The Sky Cig electronic cigarette kits are now available at 10% off retail price. Best E-Cigarette UK offers this exclusive Sky Cig discount code for a limited time only. Sky Cig is an electronic cigarette that has been used to help thousands of people quit smoking. The electronic cigarette is a device that is shaped like a traditional tobacco cigarette, but it uses flavor cartridges and an electronic heating system to simulate the act of smoking.

Thousands of people have used Sky Cig either to quit smoking or to enjoy the pleasures of smoking at a fraction of the cost of tobacco. The various flavor packages allow smokers to experience a wide variety of flavors that do not have any carcinogens found in tobacco. The nicotine present in the flavor package can be adjusted downward over time to allow the smoker to quit on their timetable.

The Sky Cig produces no second hand smoke issues, has the feel and handling of a real cigarette and is safe to use in public places. Plus, the Sky Cig Starter Kit which includes five electronic cigarette canisters produces the equivalent of 150 tobacco cigarettes, resulting in a considerable savings. Furthermore, the heating elements inside the Sky Cig product is only activated when the smoker draws in on the canister. This means that unlike tobacco cigarettes that have been lit, the electronic cigarette presents no fire danger when not in use.

Sky Cig is one of the leading electronic cigarette retail companies in the UK. Today, customers who order Sky Cig can save 10% off the retail price by visiting the Sky Cig discount code page on the Best E-Cigarette UK website.

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