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Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are now available at 10% off their retail price along with the discount Best E-Cigarette UK presents a few Green Smoke reviews. Today, customers who are looking for an alternative to smoking tobacco products can turn to Green Smoke, a safer electronic cigarette that provides that same feel as smoking along with the nicotine without using tobacco.

Instead, Green Smoke uses a canister that is identical is shape and coloring of a standard tobacco cigarette. The canister contains a flavor cartridge and heating element that is used to turn the liquid contained into water vapor for inhalation. The water vapor can consist of a variety of flavors and the heating element is only activated when in use. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, the fire danger from electronic cigarettes such as Green Smoke is greatly reduced.

There are two main purposes for the Green Smoke system. Those who want to quit smoking and those who want to keep smoking while reducing the dangers from smoking tobacco which has cancer causing carcinogens. Green Smoke does contain nicotine which can be adjusted down over time to allow the smoker to quit gradually.

The Green Smoke Starter Kit consists of the carrying case, three batteries, ten cartomizers, and a single USB pass-through, two USB chargers in addition to the chargers for the wall and car outlets. This product does come with a limited warranty and is safe to use in public places. For more information about the Green Smoke Starter Kit and the 10% off retail price offer, please go to this website.

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