Best E-Cigarette UK Presents ROK Electronic Cigarette Review


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- The ROK Ultimate E-Cigarette is now being offered to the general public as the solution to quitting smoking. The ROK represents the advancement of the electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette does not use tobacco, but instead is a cartomizer which is charged by a small battery and hold flavoring liquid with nicotine. Interested folks may read Best E-Cigarette UK’s ROK electronic cigarette review and possibly even save money.

As the smoker draws in on the product, the atomizer heats up the liquid. It turns it into water vapor that is then pulled into the lungs and exhaled. By eliminating tobacco, the ROK protects the smoker from the carcinogens that causes cancer. Furthermore, there is no danger to the public from the water vapor released by the smoker.

For smokers who are considering quitting, the ROK not only provides the nicotine, but also address the oral fixation issues that nicotine gum and patches do not address. Plus, the ROK is priced considerably less than tobacco products based on each use of the product. A single cartomizer can be used 20 or more times before being discarded.

The ROK electronic cigarette Starter Kit comes with the following;

- 5 Cartomizers

- 2 Batteries

- USB Charger

- Main Charger

- Personal Charging Case

- User Manual

- Smoking Card

Essentially, the smoking card outlines where the ROK can be smoked according to the law. However, it is recommended that before you smoke the ROK in public facility that you warn management first. For those who want more information about the ROK and the advantages it brings, please the site below.

Seamus Smith
Best E-Cigarette UK
London, United Kingdom