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Best eCig Reviews is offering its readers reviews on different brands of e-cigarettes, flavors, starter kits and vaporizers.


Carson CA, -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- Best eCig Reviews provides reviews and recommendations of electronic cigarette brands, flavors, kits and vaporizers to its customers. Apart from providing a list of personal preferences, the website also links the reader to great reviews on other websites.

One of the company executives said, “We review some of the most prominent brands of e-cigarettes. It would be absurd to claim that we know everything about each brand in the market. Moreover, it is not possible for us to keep up with the changes in all the brands on a weekly basis. So we also direct our users to other review websites which they might find useful and informative. Reviews from other sites have a lead in introduction and then they connect the reader to the full review on the site that wrote it”

Best eCig Reviews has recommended its users Potion Vape, Vapor4Life and the Vapor Zone flavors as the top three brands of e-cigarettes available in the market. The review for Potion Vape is from Spinfuel e-magazine, while the ones for Vapor4Life and Vapor zone are from the Vocal Vaper and 'Drink at Calls Bar' respectively.

“We also review starter kits, e-cigarette brands and vaporizers apart from e-cigarette flavors. We have included the Ever Smoke review from License to Smoke, the Halo Triton review from Electronic Cigarette Consumer Review and the South Beach Smoke Review from Vape Ranks. You can log in to our website to read the reviews and find the prices of those which interests you,” added the executive.

The website links its users to other review websites so that they can get information on the price, warranty, shipping and other details of the products and even buy them at the best prices. Some of them also provides ratings to make it easier for the user to decide on which product to buy. Apart from this, some websites provides offers and deals on the purchase of e-cigarette and related products from them.

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