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Best Exerpeutic Exercise Bikes in 2013 Are Revealed at Articate.com


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- The list of best-selling exercise bikes is currently dominated by Exerpeutic exercise bikes, and include both upright and recumbent bikes.

As a result of this popularity, Articate.com have just been looking at the most popular Exerpeutic exercise bikes in 2013, and have examined the key features and benefits of each one to see why they are so popular with consumers.

There are three different bikes featured in this brand new article, and they include the current number one best-seller in 2013, which is out-selling exercise bicycles from the likes of Schwinn, Sunny and ProForm.

This is a very basic machine that doesn't have lots of fitness programs or fancy extras. Instead it is simply a well-made, basic upright bike that can be used every day without any problems, and is excellent value for money.

The other two Exerpeutic bicycles are equally as impressive, according to this article, because they have each received hundreds of positive customer reviews, and are once again superb value for money.

These both cost less than $200 at the time of writing, and they are both recumbent bikes rather than upright bikes.

This type of exercise bicycle seems to have become very popular in recent years because they prevent back strain, and allow people to perform their workouts in a much more comfortable position.

A spokesperson for Articate.com said:

"Exerpeutic bikes may not be the very best exercise bicycles on the market. However their upright and recumbent machines seem to be perfect for those people who want to buy a good quality home exercise bike for less than $200."

Full details of all three of these most popular Exerpeutic exercise bikes in 2013 can be found at:


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