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Diet Doc Announces the Best Fat Burner Diet Plans Designed to Attack Hidden Fat and Help Patients Reach Their Ideal Body Weight

Diet Doc’s best fat burner diet targets, attacks and releases stored fat into the bloodstream to be quickly flushed from the system, helping people nationwide improve their health and reach their ideal body weight


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2014 -- People throughout the country are searching for the best fat burner diet that will seek out fat that is comfortably and dangerously hidden around the internal organs. Many believe that simply cutting down on calories will melt this excess fat and, while this method may generate the loss of a few pounds, the problem of old, stored fat is still present. Because this fat is the most dangerous, as well as the most difficult to lose, Diet Doc created the best fat burner diets that have helped people nationwide improve their health by losing excess fat safely and rapidly.

The body is constantly burning calories. Walking, household chores, gardening, sleeping and even breathing requires energy. The body relies on calories and carbohydrates to provide that energy. And while most people begin a diet with the best intentions, many become discouraged because they find the limited food selection boring. Many abandon their weight loss goals completely when weight loss tapers because they are not aware of how to reset the metabolism and return the body to burn mode. For this reason, Diet Doc created the best fat burner diet plans that uncover the secret to safe and successful weight loss and provide each patient with a clear-cut solution.

Diet Doc's experts spend time with each new patient to become familiar with their body type, size, shape, metabolic rate, lifestyle and food preferences. New patients will complete a health questionnaire and schedule an online consultation with a Diet Doc physician. During the consult, the doctor will review medical history, past weight loss attempts, and assess the entire system to uncover the reason for weight gain. Based on this information, recommendations for the best fat burner diet plan will be made and may include prescription hormone treatments, exclusive diet pills and proprietary appetite suppressants to generate the safest and fastest way for patients to reach their ideal body weight without suffering the typical dieting side effects of between meal hunger, food cravings and fatigue.

Next, patients will work closely with certified nutritionists to develop meal and snack plans that work perfectly with their best fat burner supplements. The diet plans incorporate a wide range of healthy, low calorie food choices that are interesting and easy to follow, while the fast weight loss is motivational.

Diet Doc's best fat burner diet plans are divided into four, easy to follow phases. Patients will notice their body burning fat from the hard to reach areas almost immediately. Depending on weight loss goals, most patients reach their ideal body weight and begin looking and feeling better than ever before within months. In fact, a recent in-house survey of over 20,000 actual patients revealed an average weight loss of 20 pounds or more per month.

Diet Doc provides unlimited access to their doctors, nurses, nutritionists and coaches for questions, suggestions, support, guidance and encouragement. Weekly checkup calls are scheduled to assess each patient's comfort level, attitude and weight loss progress. This personal, one-on-one service enables the doctors to quickly identify weight loss plateaus and to quickly return the body to fast burn mode.

Diet Doc encourages those of all ages, genders, shapes and sizes to call the nation's leader in medically supervised weight loss to learn how to return to better health and a slimmer body with their best fat burner diet plans.

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