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Best Free Cloud Storage Providers Website Reviews Best Cloud Storage Providers for Consumers


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2012 -- Thousands of computer users across the country are turning to the Best Free Cloud Storage Providers Website to find the best free cloud storage providers. The resource website presents reviews on the best cloud storage providers as well as detailed information on what to look for before signing up for a free cloud storage service.

With so many providers in the cloud-computing industry, consumers can find making the choice an overwhelming experience. As the competition heats up between providers, costs are going down with many providing free cloud storage as well as a wealth of different functions. The website BestFreeCloudStorageProviders.com was recently launched to aid consumers in their search. “Our website helps consumers find the best free cloud storage providers as well as helping them learn what to look for,” said a Best Free Cloud Storage Providers Website specialist.

The website compares each service provider by the amount of free storage as well as an extensive criteria list to help consumers judge the pros and cons of each service. Many of these cloud storage companies work on a ‘freemium’ model by which a certain amount of cloud storage is provided free of charge while a premium is charged for larger online storage. “We have provided a list of our favorite free cloud storage services with detailed comparisons to give consumers a good place to start,” said the website specialist.

The website also delves deeply into the features and functions potential users should look for when choosing a free cloud storage service. Storage capacity, extra free space for referrals and potential caps, real-time auto backup and length of storage time is discussed. The ability to automatically sync files across devices such as home PC or MAC, iPad, iPhone etc., ease of file sharing and password protection are also listed as important considerations.

Since cloud storage is accessible via most web browsers, users should check for an application for their operating system and if they have apps for tablets and Smartphones. Checking on the cost of paid plans for future growth, the robustness of their knowledge base system as well support functionality are also critical in choosing the best service. “Secure file transfers are an important consideration as well as the reputation of the provider, which are also covered on the website,” said the specialist. For more information, please visit http://www.bestfreecloudstorageproviders.com/

About BestFreeCloudStorageProviders.com
The new website gives honest reviews on different free cloud storage service providers so that users can make informed decisions. The website also collects the profiles of different cloud storage services so that users can quickly review the information about different providers in one place. In addition, they furnish extensive information on the necessary criteria needed to assess providers.