Best Free MMORPG Launches New 2013 List


Sunnyvale, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 --, a newly established fansite geared towards massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) players, has announced the launch of the best free MMORPG 2013 list. The site, designed to help MMO gaming enthusiasts kept abreast of the latest news and developments, has now chosen the Top 3 Games out of the dozens of f2p titles that are currently available.

According to the website owner, Vicki Brierley, this new online portal delivers more than just the usual content.

"All of our posts are written by MMO gamers for MMO gamers. We know what we are talking about," said Vicki. "Our staff had a really hard time choosing just 3 titles to feature because these days there are so many good f2p MMORPGs that you can play. For this particular post we decided to pick the ones that we think have the best graphics, gameplay and community."

The website has three different types of content:

Top lists - the best free MMORPG 2013 list is the most popular post on the website and is very useful for people who are looking for a good game to play. Also featured are the 10 Most Popular MMOGs, Top 5 Free Browser MMO Games, and the Most Anticipated Upcoming F2P MMORPGs 2013 lists. Pay-to-play titles are not included although a few are mentioned.

News about upcoming MMOs - in addition, there are also posts about MMOGs that are currently under development. These posts contain news, rumors, trailers, screenshots, interviews, links and announcements of both closed and open beta sign-ups. This content is for people who are on the lookout for new releases.

Niche games - in the future, the site will contain reviews and videos of niche games. These are the ones that are targeted towards a specific type of player. Most MMOs are mainstream. In other words, they are designed to please most people which is why many of them seem similar to each other. Niche games are those smaller titles that have a different type of gameplay and content that appeals to a certain fanbase but will probably not be liked by the mass market. This includes those often overlooked titles that have unusual or sandbox elements. This type of post is for those who want something very specific or out of the ordinary.

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