Best Gaming Monitors Reveal Why Gaming Monitor Prices Continue to Tumble as Gaming Numbers Increase


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- In the last 5 years the number of gamers in the USA has risen by 241 percent to over 211 million users. But the price of monitors has dropped rapidly to the point where you can now get a full HD 3D gaming monitor for less than $200. According to the leading monitor website manufacturers such as Asus, BenQ and Viewsonic are fighting for a greater share of this lucrative price point.

What Has Caused The Rush Of Low Price Monitors?
best gaming monitorThe rise of gamers on the internet seems to have caused a problem for some monitor manufacturers and game companies. Game companies are now relying on building a community of gamers and then offering upgrades or new games in the series. However not everyone can afford to upgrade their game and their existing computer setup. Now that 37% of young Americans are using their HD Smart Phones to play games online monitor manufactures have had cause for concern. The effect of people using an HD Smart Phone to play games has drawn customers away from the typical high price monitor upgrades. This has led to a sharp fall in prices. As part of the rush to keep customers game monitor manufacturers are dropping prices by up to 50% or more. The speed at which a newly launched high priced monitor starts to fall in price has accelerated sharply. This has led to a boom time for those gamers that want to upgrade their monitor but at a budget price.

What Can You Expect For Less Than $200
A gaming monitor for less than $200 is readily available now. Previously a high end gaming monitor would set you back in excess of $500 - $1000 or more. The latest listing of monitors under $200 on shows just how much the price drop has been. Now you can expect full HD 3D resolution delivering pinpoint sharp pictures with contrast resolutions around best gaming monitor80,000,000 to 1. Built-in speakers and 180 degree viewing angles are becoming the norm as monitor manufacturers battle it out with each other.

The Monitor Manufacturers Start To Mount A Fight Back
To keep us interested the manufacturers of gaming monitors have modified their business model. No longer can they expect gamers to snap up the latest high priced monitor when so many can use other technologies to play games. The good news is that the major manufacturers who were caught sleeping on the advent of Smart Phones and Smart Tablets are started to remedy the situation. Anyone who is looking for a gaming monitor for less than $200 will find the manufacturers falling over themselves just to make a sale.

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