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Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- In accordance to recent statistics, there are over 12 million individuals within the United States that are currently living with some type of cancer.

While there are numerous cancer patients going through treatments such as chemotherapy and/or radiation and surgery, a great deal of them are also searching for alternative, more natural methods to fight the condition.

For many years, scientists have been researching the elements discovered in a fruit referred to as graviola. It is also known as soursop or pawpaw. Remarkably, they have discovered that graviola contains natural agents referred to as annonaceous acetogenins, which can actually combat cancer cells. This major discovery has led to a vast variety of graviola extract, capsules and other similar products being sold in stores and on the web.

However, for individuals who are interested in making use of the probable graviola cancer cure, it can be bewildering and even overwhelming to comprehend which products are the purest.

An innovative website has been acquiring a lot of attention recently for its in-depth and useful reviews of several of the most popular graviola supplements.

The staff at Graviola Cancer Reviewed understand that there are several products that are currently available. It is unfortunate, however, that they are not all created equally; many of them contain synthetic ingredients that will dilute the potency of the extract and may cause it to work inefficiently.

Graviola Cancer Reviewed also features helpful, educational blogs which help explain in easy-to-comprehend terminology exactly why and how the fruit may fight off cancer, information about probable graviola side effects, and details pertaining to the scientific research that have shown how utilizing the extract for cancer can be extremely useful for wellness.

“In 1976, the National Cancer Institute began research on this herbal remedy and the discoveries concluded with amazing results,” an article on the website stated, adding that the leaves of graviola tree were found to be successful in eliminating malignant cancer cells,” the website noted.

The website goes on to say, “In 1998, an additional experiment was implemented at Purdue University’s School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Services. Scientists discovered that two of the compounds derived from the leaves and fruit led to substantial anti-cancer activities in 6 types of human cancer cells.”

In addition to the information provided on the website is their Facebook page with over 3,500 followers. The Facebook page also provides up-to-date research, reviews and information pertaining to health and wellness.

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