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Best Gun Safe Pro Publish New Guide to the Latest Biometric Safes Available in 2016

Best Gun Safe Pro has created a new comparison guide to the best biometric safes on the market, offering the ultimate in safety and authorized access to firearms in the home.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2016 -- Guns are designed for one purpose- to kill. This is a great responsibility to have to bear, and one that comes with a great many implications. Most important of all, these weapons must be kept safely by anyone who chooses to own a gun, whether for personal protection, hunting or simply as a hobby down at the range. A gun safe is a must, but a new generation of safes is adding to the safety and security of the items by using the latest biometric technology. Best Gun Safe Pro has published a new comparison study of the best on the market today.

Best Gun Safe Pro helps people to make informed consumer decisions, and has evaluated all the best biometric safes to create a definitive ranking. The ranking itself displays a summary of the unique features, high points and criticisms of the items, with a link to full and comprehensive reviews ( as well as a guide to where to purchase each product.

The reviews ( describe how each product enables individuals to access their guns more quickly than they can by putting in a code on a conventional safe, and also how they are more secure as a fingerprint cannot simply be mimicked like a combination or PIN.

A spokesperson for Best Gun Safe Pro explained, "Biometric safes are the best and most secure solution to an age old problem, and many of the items in our comparison study are incredibly versatile, able to be placed anywhere in the house, whether prominently or subtly so only those in the know can gain access. We also have comprehensive information on alternative safes so individuals can make their own informed decisions based on expert insight into the overall market, benefiting from our comprehensive recommendations."

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