Best Handheld Radio Website Launch Combines Latest News and Reviews for All Radio Enthusiasts


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- announced the launch of their new website to audiences around the world. Introducing a webpage that offers to the consumer something that has never been attempted to date in such a expansive capacity. Having available in one location is information on the latest technology available, product reviews, and articles from radio enthusiasts globally on their own best handheld radio.

Finding A Need Where One Existed

Millions of individuals worldwide use handheld radios both for work related activities and leisure excursions. They give individuals the ability to form bonds, tying one to another, by being able to communicate across great distance, or to signal for help in an emergency. The new website is designed to not only foster the use of handheld radios by those who already have them, but to get those who don’t, excited about them.

Most handheld radio sites and products can be confusing to the individual who does not use them regularly. Seeing a need in the industry for information specific to the questions being asked, the website was designed to offer to consumers the best guide and ratings, to find the most appropriate model for their needs. Handheld radios are not an inexpensive purchase, so making sure you are getting the best handheld radio at the quality you need, without overspending, is important to many purchasers both who are looking for the newest technology, or looking to delve into it for the first time. A participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, the company intend to enjoy the benefits of linking to the site for purchasing and other advertising benefits.

Unlike other sites that are sponsored by a particular manufacturer, or business, gives to the consumer what others can’t, an unbiased synopsis of what is available on the market across different price ranges, and for different types of users. around the world. Handheld radios connect people to each other, this site connects them even further.

Not only a site that gives potential consumers the best in ratings and reviews for every model imaginable, it allows real customers to make comments about the performance of their radio equipment. Making comments and asking questions are essential to the site’s success. The articles are not only about the handheld radio industry, but also geared toward the individual who is characteristic of a radio owner. Outdoor enthusiast, adventurers, and explorers alike, will find the featured writings interesting and informative and assist them in finding the best handheld radio for their needs. The reviews rate not only one system against one another, it also gives specific comparisons based on price, and performance. None of the ratings are paid for, just honest and fair, making it a site that can be trusted.

About is a website dedicated to the handheld radio industry. Providing its viewers with the most up-to-date information, reviews, and articles on the handheld radios in a broad spectrum of different categories. It offers handheld aficionados something that no other site has before. Giving advice to novice owners, and experts alike, the site is creating a niche for itself in the radio business.

Will Carmichael
New York City, NY