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Best Handheld Vacuum of 2014 - Top Picks Announced


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2014 -- Vacuum cleaners have become increasingly important over the past couple of years, as so many more models, tools, sizes, weights and other options have become available. A good vacuum cleaner seems to be the one appliance that no household can be without. This is because of the fact that they provide people with increased convenience and also help them in saving time when it comes to cleaning the house on a daily basis. Handheld vacuums can be found in the market as well as many online storefronts worldwide and since it is essential to have one in the house for small cleanups, its most helpful must be fully aware of the top rated and best handheld vacuums for 2014.

There are different picks for the best vacuum cleaner and many to choose from, but it all comes down to the ones that tend to offer a widest range of benefits to people. The common benefit between all of the best vacuums, especially the handheld ones is that they are lightweight, which means that they can be easily carried from one place to another. Easy to use for cleaning on a daily basis, the list of top picks for 2014 includes models from popular brands like Black and Decker, Eureka and Bissell. Top ratings are broken down into the best handheld vacuums for stairs, pet hair, car cleanup and many other categories.

All of these handheld vacuums are different and beneficial in their own way. To see details about all of the 2014 best handheld vacuums, visit the best handheld vacuum website, where you’ll not only see the specifications of all the top picks but also reviews including their pros and cons and information on where you can buy them on sale online to get the best prices.

Over the recent years since the world has gone through many changes, technology has surely progressed and many cordless handheld vacuums can now be found easily on the market. These are preferred more by most people as they do not have a cord, which basically limits carrying a vacuum all over the house.

The best cordless handheld vacuum can be used for cleaning pet hair on a regular basis, in cars and also on carpeted stairs. In other words, anywhere it is most convenient to not have a cord in the way. Black and Decker provides one of the top rated best handheld vacuums overall, so it’s worth looking into, especially for those who need to clean in hard to get to places.

When it comes to the important matter of purchasing the best vacuum cleaner, whether cordless or corded, it is essential to know the prices. Prices have a wide range from $30 and can go as high as $500. Selecting a vacuum with a good filter, the right brand and whether or not it should be corded or cordless must be decided before making the best purchase in the near future.

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