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Best Headphones Today Provides Reviews, Education and Tips for Music Aficionados Seeking Quality Music Listening Gear


Rochester, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2012 -- With more than 350 million websites dedicated to every conceivable subject, music lovers seeking quality equipment to enjoy their sounds have a task in front of them when wanting to identify products that meet their needs. However, one source, Best Headphones Today, provides relevant news, information, reviews, education, and sells the latest products for music aficionados needing the best in music listening equipment.

According to the site, the concept of the website was conceived a “when a group of audiophiles and music enthusiasts decided to come together and give something back to the musical world” and to identify and promote the best headphones on in the market in the world.

Best Headphones Today provides insightful reviews and education about headphones and the headphones industry. However, taking an atypical approach, the site offers much more than promotional copy, but provides consumers guidance based on the experience of the site administrators who have personally tested all gear listed on the site for quality.

“Our reviews are an accurate representation of what we discovered about each product – merits, demerits and all,” according to Best Headphones Today. “After we pinpoint the good, the bad and the ugly about each pair, it is up to you to make your purchasing decision.”

The reviews are segments by price point, from under $50, under $100, under $200 and $200 and more, so consumers can easily identify the product within their budget and research accordingly.

To make reviewing items easier, the site is categorized by how the developer designed the headphones to be used. For example, jazz, blues, industrial and so on.

In addition to the reviews, the site offers education about headphones, including “Headphones 101” describing such topics as circumaural and supra-aural headphones, ear buds, and in-ear versus over-ear headphones. Best Headphones Today also offers information on choosing the best gear for running.

“Our experience with headphones is unchallengeable,” notes Best Headphones Today. “We have rummaged the Internet in search of the best headphones for enthusiasts like ourselves, for people who don’t listen to music just through their ears, but also through their souls. We have a growing catalog of headphones offered at the best prices you will find out there.”

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About Best Headphones Today was designed for the audiophile. It prides itself on displaying only the best headphones available anywhere in the market. The site’s product specialists have spent countless hours researching and testing different pairs of headphones to educate the consumer, resulting in the visitor making an informed and quality purchase. provides reviews, education, tips and the highest-quality products.