BEST Inc. Offers X-Ray Training for PCB's Online

BEST Inc., is a team of skilled soldering instructors with vast experience in offering training and related services to electronics companies; they provide class printed circuit board repair services and online electronic x-ray training for PCB.


Rolling Meadows, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2021 -- BEST Inc. is a professional solder training company composed of a team of well-trained instructors. These instructors certify technicians of electronics companies on different types of IPC certification programs. With their state-of-the-art equipment, they also offer quality PCB and BGA reworks. In addition, BEST Inc. also manages a mobile training center, which is a solder training center well-equipped with the proper training tools, and a certified trainer, to train clients in their respective locations.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of BEST Inc. commented, "We have developed several unique PCB repair products and they include: stencilquik which provides for fast and simple placement of BGAs, and stencilmate which is used for rework of leadless devices. In addition to these copyrighted products, we also fabricate metal stencils and various repair kits. Moreso, among our PCB repair products, is EzReball which is a distinctive reballing preform system that is used for the smallest of devices, and Heatshields which are flexible and effective materials used for shielding components".

At BEST Inc., they have in their employ well-grounded IPC trainers with years of experience in the industry. They offer a complete range of high-tech PCB rework & repair services to clients. Furthermore, their IPC trainers are experts at imparting their skills to other technicians of electronics companies, as PCB rework and repair services are a fundamental skill necessary to work on modern electronic printed circuit boards and for soldering. Clients can also find out about printed circuit board repair cost by contacting them via their website.

The spokesperson of BEST Inc. further commented, "We have trained numerous soldering technicians, and we have a long list of customers who are satisfied with our services. We have developed courses that emphasize practical work, and students are tested based on the quality of that work. Our IPC training division employs some of the most experienced soldering instructors in the industry and our services include PCB design, PCB manufacturer, PCB repair, and various other specialist IPC enrichment courses. We also have Spanish speaking instructors available for clients who cannot speak the English language and as such, our Spanish speaking clients should look no further when looking for those who will train their staff".

BEST Inc. has standard equipment and the skills to provide electronic x-ray sorting and inspection of components, printed circuit boards, wire harnesses, and other electronic assemblies. They also offer PCB inspection course which provides students with an inspection method to review the product to determine whether it meets the IPC-A-610 requirements. Topics that are taught include: visual inspection strategies, BGA inspection, SMT inspection, and X-ray inspection transmissive, and more. For online X-Ray training for PCB, interested customers can simply visit BEST Inc's website.

About BEST Inc.
BEST Inc. is a solder company that trains technicians and provides appropriate tools for their operations. They are a company always willing to share their experience in the area of soldering with clients.

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